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Show Me's Choice-Making App and CLD Design Framework

We've been developing exciting plans and prototypes for our first Show Me product and reward architecture and want to share some of the ideas behind it.

It will be a Choice-Making App for pupils with Complex Learning Disabilities (CLD). This means it will be designed for people who cannot follow instructions and will take a progression framework approach, starting simply with increasing complexity.

Choice-making represents a proven key stage in learning for SEND pupils, enabling the learning of language through pictures, text and sound, whilst helping to build attention span, concentration and memory. It represents a critical stage in learning to communicate and, consequently, ability to learn.

It will involve short personalised discrimination exercises developed alongside research with pupils in Show Me partner special schools. It is being developed from Tomas Ortiz's (co-founder) decades of neuroscientific research with pupils with learning disabilities, including his latest study published this year into the impact of the Duchenne smile on the speed and accuracy of learning new tasks.

Our products will be built within a unique platform architecture, incorporating a methodology to encourage daily use. Our reward mechanism means that it can also be deployed across other categories of learning and brain training, such as mainstream SEND, pre-school, and senior brain training. Over time, we will explore content partnerships to incorporate relevant learning exercises for other such sectors.

As well as those learning exercises for wider categories, we will also develop our roadmap to incorporate:

  1. Other sensory stimuli (eg. haptic) devices.

  2. Data collection, analysis and interpretation from every user interaction with the learning exercises.

  3. EEG scanning analysis and educational psychologist research into the impact of the learning exercises on pupil cohorts.

The Show Me products will be developed by a new commercial sister company, created to support Show Me's non-profit activities with special schools and families. As such, alongside the funding options for Show Me's non-profit work, "Show Me Limited" represents an early stage investment opportunity for interested parties.

We will be presenting a sneak peak of a product prototype at the London Metropolitan University (our research partner) School of Computing and Digital Media Summer Show 2024 on 4th June.

Please get in touch for more information.

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