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Show Me Planning Update

Show Me CIC is seeking to accelerate its project on several fronts for which we seek additional funding to cover the next 24 months. The projects are:

1. Personalised Brain Training Research Study

Deploy EEG brain scanning to measure neuro-plasticity brain development in pupils with Complex Learning Disabilities (CLD) within special schools in the UK as a result of personalised, daily discrimination educational activities on touchscreen devices.


  1. Determine how participants develop neurologically from a daily activity of discrimination between objects and/or sounds from a software programme. It is an extension to a special school setting in the UK of successful work completed in Spain.

  2. Develop a framework of repeatable educational activities using commonly available touchscreens and apps.

  3. Providing the evidence needed to recommend those activities for similar cohorts of pupils in special schools.


  • Personalise a choice-making learning programme for around 32 participants, based upon software previously deployed in Spanish studies.

  • Daily app-based activity programme for each child, with sessions of maximum 3-5 minutes, aiming to run over two school terms.

  • Pre and post study EEG brain monitoring to plot brain development for analysis alongside software results and observation data.


  • Tomas Ortiz (Madrid University) and his team

  • UK coordination and developments: Show Me CIC

  • UK academic team coordination and analysis (1 included so far)

  • Participating pioneer schools and selected pupils (3 schools included so far)

Budget and full details available on request.

2. Develop the Research Software into a Commercial Product

Develop a touchscreen-based game app, built upon the functionality of the above research project software, including a roadmap of exercises, from most simple to more complex, full reporting and data analysis roadmap and a unique reward incentive for CLD cohort.

It will be subsidised and sold as part of a Show Me commercial organization, with a share of any profits to the CIC/charity.

We seek funding for the development and management of the work.

3. Expand Show Me Pioneer Programme with Special Schools

Expand our Pioneer Programme activities with Special Schools across the UK, including including:

  • Build on existing pioneer group work, including a progression framework with Busy Things & new developers.

  • Wider promotion of our CPD training on key neuro-scientific principles for education events/seminars.

  • Create new resources to support the schools programme, including a private web forum.

  • Develop marketing materials, videos, social, articles etc.

  • Partnership development and lobbying.

  • Fundraising support.

We plan to hire a full-time research operations manager to lead the activity with schools and developer apps, including visits to schools to support work and staff and regular seminar events.

Cooperation through Funding

We believe a co-funding approach to the above between academic, NGO and commercial organisations would be mutually beneficial, and collectively best help Show Me meet its objectives.

Ultimately, funding partners will contribute towards improving the lives of young people with Complex Learning Disabilities (CLD).

More specifically, funding partner benefits include:

  1. Involvement in and support in cutting-edge scientific, educational and developmental projects, with the potential to benefit the learning abilities and life chances of numerous children, whatever their base line capabilities.

  2. Leadership in expanding the use of the neuro-scientific processes in complex SEND education across schools in the UK and abroad.

  3. A stake and participation in the development of new commercial products from our research and future Show Me activities.

  4. Connection and support directly into the UK SEND school community, its leadership and teachers.

  5. Acknowledgement of involvement in published research study articles and programme promotional activities.

The cohorts of pupils needing our help, their schools and their parents do not have the budgets to achieve our ambitions, so support across the whole of society and business could make a huge difference in what we are able to achieve with as many pupils with CLD as need it.

If you would like more information, or could help us seek funding in any capacity, please contact us today via our contact page.

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