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Neuro-Science Principles for Special Education

We have now tested the "Introduction to Key Principles of Neuro-Science for Education" CPD Training Module with mixed groups of educational industry professionals, SEND school leadership teams, a whole SEND school staff group and a bunch of school kids. All have provided very positive feedback, such as:

"It is informative, based on science and gives additional narrative to our relational proactive approach. We love the feedback which shows the scientific changes in the brain and how the brain builds learning. This is so useful for staff to understand."

- Sophie Evitts, Deputy Head at Brackenfield SEND School, Derbyshire.

"Having a scientific rationale to help us interpret the behaviour and ALSO provide avenues to help that are better than 'keep repeating', because that in itself is not enough... this is what makes the slides about learning so much more telling"

- Michael Streat, former Deputy Head at Woodbridge School (mainstream), Suffolk

The content has been developed based on the pioneering, life-long work of Tomás Ortiz in neuro-science, and adapted to be suitable for anyone working in SEND education, or indeed anyone in education.

It also introduces and leads into Tomás's free of charge "bottom up" neuro-educational programme for schools, called HERVAT. Proven in mainstream settings, we are now starting to test for the first time within SEND schools in the UK.

If you are interested in attending a free hour long webinar for school leadership teams or education professionals, or arranging a CPD in-person session in your school or at educational events, please get in touch via the website, or email

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